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Donations to the URSAR Team and Causes...

United Response does encourage donations due to the ever-increasing number of families who turn to us for help and support. United Response would like nothing better than to never have another case of an abducted missing child, a missing adult, a runaway or a parental abduction case. Unfortunately, that probably will not happen. Until there are no more missing children or adults, until all people who are lost, runaways or victims of crime are found – United Response will be there to help find, rescue and provide support for the family in crisis. Our operation continues to grow. There are more and more children and adults every year whose pictures are on milk cartons, billboards, bulletin boards and flyers distributed through the mail. We need your help to keep up with the ever-increasing needs of our families, our communities and our society.

There are several ways you can help:

• Credit Card donations can be made by clicking here on the Network for Good
• Shop at Krogers with the URSAR Team Kroger Card
• Donations by Check can be mailed to our office:
P.O. Box 1463
Midlothian, Texas 76065
• Donation of Equipment / Services (See list below).
Network for Good

URSAR Team Kroger Card 

Click Here If you Shop at Kroger's and we'll send you a Krogers Card linked to the URSAR Team.
In the subject line of your email type "Kroger Card", and provide your name and address in your email message. Then, each time you shop, have the card scanned, United Response will receive a percentage of your purchase, and it costs you nothing. It's a great way to help!!!
URSAR Team Equipment & Service Needs...
If you can help us with any of the below items please contact us at (817) 501-9296; (214) 687-7814 or by email: ursarteam@ursarteam.org

Mounted SAR Team Horse First-aid Kits
Snake Bit Kits
Powdered Electrolyte
Mobile Command Center We are in need of a Mobile Command Center vehicle to better assist families and law enforcement on searches. We are looking for a large RV or Box Van that can be converted, or a used command center used by Law enforcements/fire departments.
Office Space

Needed Office Space in the Midlothian/Burleson area. We are currently in a temporary location. We are in need of approx. 1,000 sq/ft of office space. We need this space to be donated.

Pre-Paid Gas Cards Due to the increasing number of searches performed, and the increasingly high cost of fuel, we are in great need of pre-paid gas cards.
Website Server

We are in need of a dedicated server to handle our growing website and database holding.

Laptop Computers We are in need of laptop computers so we can continue to offer services of flyer distribution on searches, and digital picture processing. Also we will use the laptop at functions for our Identification Kits and programs that will assist families and law enforcement.
Desktop Computer We are in need of 3 desktop computers to help with daily operations of the organization.Currently we are using our personal computers and they are getting bogged down
Multipage Scanners

Will be used to scan pictures for making of flyers and other documents.

Digital Cameras We are looking for several digital cameras that can be carried by our Team Leaders out in the field on a search. They would be able to take pictures in the event they were to find any evidence.
Micro Recorders

Recorders will be used in our investigations and meetings held with families and law enforcements.

Copy Machine Copy machine will be used to help with distribution of program materials and day to day operations. Help produce flyers to be distributed.
TV/VCR-DVD Will be used at members meetings, training and educational programs.
Slide Projector and Screen Will be used at members meetings, training and educational programs.
3.5” Floppy Disks We are in need of these disks for our Identification Kits and programs. These kits are offered Free to Law Enforcements to give out to the communities.
Office  Supplies We are in need of Copier/Printer Paper, Printer Inks (HP #49 & #20) (Epson – Color Black #92298A) , Fax machine paper (Epson Stylus C60) , Printer Toner (HP Laserjet 4 Printer) , Business Cards, Business Card Plastic Holder Sheets, Protector Sheets, Pens, pencils, paperclips, stationary paper,
Laminating Machine Help in making members and volunteers badges.
Digital Pagers (10-15) To communicate to Team Leaders and Members immediately when we have been contacted of a missing loved one and our assistance is needed urgently.
34X60 Canopies (3-4) These canopies will be used at the site where the Command Center is setup to help shelter the volunteers from the weather elements. Also to use a Medical Post.
8x20  Cargo Trailers (2) We are in need of Cargo Trailers to help carry equipment to search sites.
Safety Vests We are in need of vests for members and volunteers to wear while helping on a search.
Search Supplies Batteries, Survey tape and flags, shovels, probing rods, etc.
100 Chairs and Tables Will be used at command center for volunteers.
Food, Soda, Water, Utensils, & Condiments We are in need of nonperishable items that can be store. For future searches. These items will help with taking care of volunteers that help on a search.
Trauma Kits and Medical Supplies We will have a medical post at our command center on searches. Also for the Field Team leaders to have while out in the fields searching for the volunteers. Supplies would include: Lifepak defibrillator w/voice command, Tyvek suits, respirator mask, first aid kits, rescue stretcher, rope, etc.
Trail Packs (10)

To carry medical supplies while out in the field.

2-way Radios

We are in need of at least 10 2-way radios to be used for communication between field teams and the command center. Approx. 20 mile radius.


To be used on field searches – use on terrains that cannot be covered by ground searchers.

PA system with Mic

To assist us at command center in coordinating the volunteers

Bullhorns (10)

To assist us for the teams out in the field.

Ground Penetrating Radar

In need of a GPR and walkabouts to help us on our searches.

GPS Equipment (10)

To assist law enforcements of with coordiances of important locations while on a search.

Night Vision Binoculars In need of these binoculars to assist us when we are having to perform a search at night
Night Vision Cameras To assist us when we are performing a search at night.
SAR Lanterns (10) In need of these Lanterns (flashlights) to assist us while we are performing a search at night.
20ft Flatbed Trailers (2) Will be used to carry large equipment(s) to search sites.
Diving Equipment We are in need of diving equipment for our Diving Teams.
Underwater Video Camera

To assist us in our underwater searches.

Boat with Side Scan Radar

To be used on searches that involve bodies of water.