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About United Response Search and Rescue...

United Response Search and Rescue Team (URSAR Team) is a 501 (c)(3) volunteer nonprofit organization.  URSAR Team provides urgent crisis intervention and search services to families of missing loved ones, and to law enforcement agencies at no charge.  Our team works to enhance the knowledge of law enforcement, parents/guardians, and educators on measures related to keeping children safe from predators and what to do if a loved one is reported missing. 

United Response Search and Rescue Team was formed in 2003 in Loving Memory of Opal Jo Jennings, a precious six-year-old little girl who was abducted from her grandmother’s front yard by a stranger on March 26,1999.  Opal was killed by her abductor, and her tiny little remains were finally found in a wooded area on December 30,2003. Opal Jo Jennings’ family serves on our advisory board and is actively involved in URSAR Team activities.  Our Organization is dedicated to providing search and rescue/recovery crisis intervention services that are desperately needed for families of missing and abducted loved ones, be it a child or an adult. 

URSAR Team has more than 100 highly trained members and over 3000 non-member volunteers. Our active team members consist of Law Enforcement Officers (active duty and retired), Homicide Detectives, Swat Team Members, Medical Examiners, Paramedics, Fire Fighters, members of the U.S. Marshall’s Posse, Military Reserve Personnel, retired Navy Core personnel, Forensic Osteoligist, Forensic Psychologist, Criminal Justice Students, Certified Public Safety Divers, Swift Water Rescue Divers, Aquatic Crime Scene Investigators, Pilots, Vet Techs, Social Workers, Educators, Family, and friends of the missing as well as other trained SAR specialist. 

United Response Search and Rescue Team has a proven successful track record, providing massive search capabilities in Texas, with positive outcomes. Our team has also helped find missing persons in other states. United Response facilitates a rescue/recovery Command Center for search missions, which is utilized by the SAR Team Incident Command Staff, law enforcement, and the families of the missing person.  The center includes computers, printers, copy machines, cell phones, and communication resources. 

United Response Search and Rescue Team’s greatest hope is to make a difference for all concerning missing persons. Our belief is that we have.

We do this everyday 24/7 in the following ways:

• We assist with our rapid response team on Amber Alerts.
• We assist with and promote the recovery of missing children and adults and anyone in crisis.
• We effectively assist and improve citizen response when a person is determined to be missing.
• We promote the establishment of emergency preparedness action plans in every community on behalf of missing children and adults, through cooperative efforts between law enforcement and citizens.
• We enable the immediate search for missing children and adults with a mobile recovery center.
• We foster an Interlocked Team System of trust among family, citizens and law enforcement in all communities.
• We assist with and promote education and dissemination of information relating to the foregoing.
• We foster a swift response communication with truckers and CB Radio Operators on abductions.
Under Texas law, law enforcement has the responsibility to conduct search and rescue operations and use community resources within county boundaries. United Response Search and Rescue Team is tasked with the role of executing this mission with local, state and national law enforcement agencies. The United Response Search and Rescue Team is comprised entirely of non-paid professional men and women who are experienced in the art and science of search and rescue.

Our team is prepared to conduct both wilderness and urban search and rescue operations, at any time of the day or night, using resources that include the following:

• Foot Search Team
• Air-scenting and trailing dogs
• Man trackers
• Emergency Medical Technicians
• Technical rescue specialists
• Swift Water Rescue Specialists
• Certified Dive Team with side scan sonar
• Mounted Horse Search Team
• 4-Wheelers/ATV’s Search Team
• Air/Pilot Search Team
• Ham Radio Communication Team

Where does the URSAR Team make a difference?

• We serve as a liaison between the general public and law enforcement agencies in Texas;
• We serve as a liaison between Texas law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies in other states, usually through the clearinghouse in other states;
• We maintain contact with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children;
• We coordinate services for the family through victims of violent crime service fund;
• We coordinate and assist families with funeral preparation when needed.
• Counseling and emotional support to families suffering hardship and distress through a family person going missing;
• Information and advice both to families where a family member is missing, and to people who have left, or run away from, their families;
• Assistance to missing people to regain contact with their families and friends;
• Image-enhancing "age progression" computer to update photographs;
• Publicity on television, if so desired, and in the printed media;
United Response has a 24/7-telephone help line that provides a variety of other services relating to missing persons. United Response charges no fee as the services they offer are services of crisis, many time between life and death and the families/friends involved in the crisis cannot be asked for any fiscal costs.

United Response does encourage donations due to the ever-increasing number of families who turn to us for help and support. United Response would like nothing better than to never have another case of an abducted missing child, a missing adult, a runaway or a parental abduction case. Unfortunately, that probably will not happen. Until there are no more missing children or adults, until all people who are lost, runaways or victims of crime are found – United Response will be there to help find, rescue and provide support for the family in crisis. Our business continues to grow. There are more and more children and adults every year whose pictures appear on milk cartons, billboards, bulletin boards and in flyers distributed through the mail. We need your help to keep up with the ever-increasing needs of our families, our communities and our society.

Member of NASAR: National Assocation for Search and Rescue